Ellilta International germinated from one tree in Ethiopia – two women who simply responded from their hearts by heading onto the streets of Addis Ababa for the purpose of loving women who were forgotten.  Twenty years later, the genetics of relationship-based recovery run through several projects across the globe; each carries the DNA of Ellilta- Women at Risk in Ethiopia.  Each project is a comprehensive, restorative program for women and girls exploited through forced prostitution.


The women we support

Ellilta works with both the women and their children so the generational cycle of prostitution can be broken.  And so a new generation of Ethiopian young people are no longer bound by the trauma of sexual exploitation. They have options. These holistic alternatives transform lives, whole families, and communities.




Ellilta has been sought out by others doing similar work because the success rate is so striking.  Ellilta has mentored, developed curriculum for, and consulted with Christian ministries from over a dozen African countries.
Ellilta is a ministry not only committed to seeing the sex-trade ended in Ethiopia:  it is also a ministry that desires to share what it has learned, to equip, to train, and to stand with other ministries across Africa so that more women caught in the darkness of sexual exploitation are brought into the light and living hope that only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can bring.