Our approach to recovery is holistic and relationship based.
Our goal is freedom and restoration.

People are growing in their awareness of injustice, and that is a good, good thing.   You likely would not be on this website if you were not one of those people.  Perhaps your newsfeed is filled with the words justice or trafficking in them, because you care about the world.  

Being aware is so important – and liking and sharing those posts can help awareness grow.  But a mouse click can also be deceiving – it can make us feel we are doing more than we actually are.  

Helping victims of exploitation isn’t easy.  It is hard work, done by those who get up every day and head into dark corners, gently and patiently befriending and assisting people who have been severely traumatized.  Most of the work is done by those who will never be recognized or given awards.  Ellilta, International is filled with such projects; such people.



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